Round 4 vs. Ottawa Swans

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Round 4 vs. Ottawa Swans

"For the Lady Blues, Ashley Grant led the way in this victory with her skillful clearances out of the midfield."

In a game where nobody really gave the Blues a fighting chance against a strong Ottawa Swans side, the men in navy held their own and gave their cross-province rivals a run for their money.  While ultimately losing 63-48, the Blues strong performance gives them some much needed confidence after a shaky first two rounds.

Led by recent Team Canada appointee (and Canadian vice-captain) Steve Rutledge‘s three goals, the Blues hung with the Swans for most of the game.  A shaky ten minute stretch in the second half allowed Ottawa to quickly fire off three goals in that frame to take a 42-15 lead into halftime.

The Blues controlled the pace for much of the game and definitely during the second half, where they outscored Ottawa 33-26.  Again, not the result that Central hoped for, but consider the opposition: Ottawa had won two of its first three games, losing only to the defending champions from Broadview in Round 2.  Their latest result was a 158-14 smashing of the High Park Demons.

The scoring throughout the Blues roster was another positive.  In addition to Rutledge’s hat trick, four other players added goals.  Sean Goedheer built on his spectacular seven-goal performance in Round 3 with a two-bounce run to the goal from midfield that was equally impressive.  Dan Lock, Tristan Zammicheli, and Rob Guerra also added goals for the Blues.

Matt Donkers continued his strong play in his third game for the Blues, as the Rookie of the Year favourite was named best and fairest for his performance in the midfield.  The Blues will look to build on the momentum from the last two rounds against the Etobicoke Roos on Friday.

Final Score – Div 1


Saturday, June 13th

Blues vs Swans

7.6.48 · 9.9.63


The Lady Blues took home a big win and several loads of dirty laundry from Humber South on Saturday. In what can only be described as a mudbowl, the Lady Blues defeated the High Park Demons using both their footy and slip and slide skills.

The Blues welcomed back Vicki Baran (she’s a part-time Blue now), who kicked the first goal of the game, setting the Blues off to an early lead. Though the Demons put forth a great effort to get back on the scoreboard, it wasn’t enough to stop the Blues from holding on to their lead for the rest of the match. Goals for the Blues were scored by Vicki Baran (2), Squizz (2), and in her first game in the OAFL, Rasha Khoweiss (1). The eleven behinds scored by the Blues also widened the gap on the scoreboard one point at a time.

Reminding us all why she was voted as captain, Ashley Grant led the way in this victory with her skillful clearances out of the midfield. Her leadership on the oval clearly earned herself this week’s Best on Ground. Named as Top Contributor was Fiona McDonald. This part written by Coach Rob, who was finally around for a win: “Fi dominated in the backline, stopping numerous attempts by the Demons, laying probably about 10 tackles and perfecting the ‘sweeping’ role we practiced in training”.

As for the real MVP of the game, the Lady Blues send their thanks to all our babysitters who took us puddle jumping and our various swimming lesson instructors, who notably contributed to our skills displayed in Lake Humber South.

Final Score – Women


Saturday, June 13th

Demons vs Blues

3.2.20 · 5.11.41