Central Blues 2017 Executive Committee

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The Blues Annual General Meeting turned out a lot of new faces and some golden oldies


Congratulations to Dariusz Grabka on his appointment to the role of Supreme Leader. Don’t let his weak-ass boat race performances fool you. This fish-and-chips-loving Superstar will be sure to lead the Blues into a winning season in 2017.

VP Men

Congrats to Richard Taylor who was appointed to the role of Men’s VP even though he made us all run the been test at 8:00am on a Saturday.

VP Women

Congratulations to Michelle Powley on her “heavy fall” into the role of Women’s VP.

VP Finance

“B*tch better have his money!” Congrats to Bruce Parker who returns for yet another year of protecting the club’s treasures.

Finance Manager

Mo money mo problems for Arlen Panchoo who joins the Blues exec as the finance manager.

VP Social

Congrats to social butterfly Tristan Thormann who already has the Blues on track to party like it’s 1999 this 2017.

VP Partners & Sponsors

Congrats to Hurricane Blessing Gana on her appointment to VP Partners & Sponsors.

VP Recruiting

If her 5th quarter performances are any indication of her recruiting skills, I think we will be seeing a lot of new faces this year. Congratulations to Katrina Kerr on her appointment to VP Recruiting.

Exec in Residence

Though his shoes are small and his bones frail, Ewan ‘Obi’ Williams will return for another year of dropping hot-fire Instagram posts, supporting the club, and YES, assistant coaching the women’s team!

Game Day Managers

Vehicle owners Riley “Vossy” Armstrong & Vera Santillana are locked in for 2017 as your game day managers.

Head Coach

Congrats to the Vince Lombardi of the 21st century, Chopper McCullough on his appointment to the role of Blues Head coach.

Women’s Coach

The Blues Women are happy to announce the return of Coach Ben Rossington for the 2017 season!

Communications Director

Natalie Dowhayko returns for another season of “hanging gates” and assaulting you with a relentless stream of emails and social media posts.