9th Annual Moustache Bash

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8th Annual Moustache Bash: Be Stachy

Yup that’s right, its time for the Bushiest, Bluseyest, and dare I say the Boosiest event in the Blues year!

It’s the Central Blues 9th Annual Moustache Bash, happening after Round 1 wraps up for the Men and Women on May 28th. Though we can’t be together for Round 1, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. Men, we wanna see those stashes glistening in the evening dew for a 5th quarter that is sure to rival the one had in Columbus.

Come prepared to party with your best looking crumb-catcher. For the ladies, no need to grow a Mo; sport the fanciest fascinator you can find and we’ll hit the town looking o-so-classy beside the bestaschioed men.

*******Pre drink location to be announced later *************
then we’ll head off to Grace O’Malleys to enjoy a night of watching several of our teammates being carried out of the bar under varying circumstances.

GUEST LIST UNTIL 11PM UNDER ANDY MURPHY. Don’t be late! Cover charge to be announced later.

Time to get creative and get those handlebars growing! Moustache bash is just around the corner!

For more information and the latest updates,
check out the event page on facebook!