2014 Women’s Player of the Week #7

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Women Player of the Week #7 – Ashley Grant

This week’s POTW has been kick butt lately and was also last year’s Rookie of the Year.  Need more clues?  It’s Ashley Grant!

Ashley aka Vice Captain of the team, is only in her second season, but has continued developing her game sense over the last year and her kicks have been gaining distance.  Her last couple games have been fantastic and she has been a goal kicking machine.  She plays tough, laying tackles and giving the opponents a challenge in their running game.  At practices, she is always there and always brings a positive attitude. When not on field, Ashley is a hard working member of the social committee that keeps the good times coming.

She has been training with the women’s national teams and will also heading to Melbourne in August for the IC to play for the Midnight Suns. Congrats Smashley! You are  a superstar in the making.