2014 Women’s Player of the Week #5

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Seems like the rookies this year are making a big impression on the women’s team as we have yet another new player earning a nod this week.  The big influx of new personalities seems to be doing the team good and the growing number on the roster list isn’t looking to shabby either!

Elizabeth is a fresh face to the Central Blues, having made it out to several practices, and has yet to play a game in the navy jumper.  That doesn’t stop her from fully committing during scrimmages in practice.  In fact, anyone that has been watching her over the past few weeks has seen her slowly leaving hesitation behind as she learns more about the rules and moves of the game.  Even while working on skills or trying full field drills for the first time, Elizabeth always wears a huge grin on her face, and let’s get real – its ridiculously contagious.  Once this girl gets her tackling down, she’ll probably still be smiling as she takes you to the ground.

Welcome to the club, Elizabeth, and congrats on being this week’s POTW!  Looking forward to your first game with us.