2014 Women’s Player of the Week #6

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Women Player of the Week #6 – Lisa Bennett

We had a feeling about this athlete last year, and yup – we were right.  This week’s Player of the Week was also recognized late last season for a great start to her career with the Blues.  Coming back for her second time around is Lisa Bennett!

Lisa has been a dominating ruck for the women this year and her fantastic performance in last week’s match against the Roos is a testament to that.  She can run the grounds, play physical, and challenge the opposition players that are used to being easy standouts.  She is a huge competitor and also racked up plenty of votes after the match.

This is only Lisa‘s second season, but she has shown a lot of development in her game and is always absorbing more at practices.  Congrats and keep up the phenomenal work!  We love the way you push yourself!